Chapter 1174

Christopher hurriedly replied, “I will definitely not hide it from you, mother. However, after I go inside, the doctor will surely need to examine and perform a check on me. It will be too embarrassing for me to get examined in front of you. Don’t worry. I will definitely let you know the results after the doctor’s examination. Will that be okay?” Lady Wilson nodded before she said, “You have to show me all the results and reports from the doctor’s examination. I will not forgive you if you dare to hide anything from me!” Christopher kept assuring her repeatedly as he stood up while resisting the itch. After that, he walked into the consultation room. A doctor who was older than him was sitting in front of the computer in the consultation room. When the doctor saw Christopher coming in, he asked him, “Where are you feeling unwell?” Christopher hurriedly replied, “Doctor, my private area feels very itchy. I do not know what is going on, so I want you to take a look at it.” The doct

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