Chapter 1171

Hannah was extremely embarrassed and angry when she was insulted by Christopher, but she didn’t dare to talk back to him. She hoped for a happy and harmonious family, so she was willing to be humble and prayed that Christopher could accept her, but Christopher hated her to the core right now. He hated Hannah, but not abalone, so he chided coldly while stuffing the abalone into his mouth, “You should be thankful that we are still willing to keep an unfaithful and disobedient woman like you in this house! Remember, from now on, be a good servant in this house!” Hannah sighed dejectedly and ate her noodles in silence. In fact, Hannah didn’t know that her husband had been infected with STDs from her. If she knew, she would definitely not make the abalone feast for him. She knew Christopher’s favorite food was abalone, so she had prepared an abalone banquet to please him, but on the contrary, all she received were scolding and insults. On the other hand, Christopher shifted his grief

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