Chapter 1161

The three men watched Charlie, who was bathed in golden sunlight, in complete shock and awe! They were utterly speechless! Charlie’s actions today had totally overturned their previous impressions of him! Today, Charlie had completely become a god-like figure to them! They couldn’t even comprehend how it had all happened! Charlie easily killed The Big Eight all by himself! During the process, he did not sustain any injuries but instead, he summoned thunder, triggering an avalanche that buried The Big Eight alive! Charlie was standing among them during the avalanche but he emerged unharmed. As Charlie walked closer and closer to them, Liam knelt directly in the snow with a plop and bowed to Charlie. “Master Wade, please accept my humble respect. I’ll be worshipping you forever for the rest of my life!” Next was Albert. “Me too, Master Wade. I’ll worship you forever!” Isaac followed suit. He knelt on the ground, his hands trembled, “Young Master! You’re my only god!” Finally, Cha

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