Chapter 1159

Emiliano gaped in bewilderment when questioned by his brother, utterly speechless. Indeed, he wanted to escape, but he didn’t expect such a bizarre event would occur to himself! Not only did he not manage to escape but he was also severely injured. He looked at his third brother with a painful grimace and said, “No, I’m not! I’m just thinking of a strategy on how to give that Charlie kid a parting shot!” The third brother did not fall for the lie. He glared at Emiliano in dismay and shouted, “Do you think I’m an idiot? Both your arms are f*cking gone, how are you going to give a parting shot?!” Emiliano chided indignantly, “Hey, how could you talk to me in that manner? I’m your leader! Don’t be disrespectful!” The third brother rushed forward, bit his ear, and cursed, “Disrespectful?! How dare you call yourself a leader? You’re trying to throw us into the enemy’s trap to make a way for you to escape, you bloody jerk! From now on, I want to cut ties with you!” Emiliano wailed in

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