Chapter 1155

Emiliano did not know who he had gone up against! At first, Charlie stood as still as a mountain, then, he simply lifted his palm to counter his vigorous attack. Emiliano thought that the kid had underestimated him by not putting up much effort to handle his attack and he would definitely be defeated with a single blow. However, just when his palm met Charlie’s, Emiliano realized that instead of forcing Charlie to retreat in the slightest, an enormous amount of energy bounced back from Charlie’s palm that instantly shattered his right arm like a wrecking ball directly smashing into him! He had never thought that he would meet the same fate as Hades! His right arm had turned into a large pile of mess, yet he couldn’t care less about the severe injury as the enormous energy exploded a tremendous shock wave like a nuclear bomb that sent him flying a few meters away! Emiliano was carried away by the forceful projectile while trying to stop himself with his legs gripping the snow with

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