Chapter 1146

At Aurous Airport, Wade family’s private jet deployed at Aurous was ready to take off at the end of the runway. The jet could take off as soon as Charlie got on it. Furthermore, this jet was able to arrive at Mount Golmin in just two hours. On the contrary, Webb family’s private jet needed at least three hours to reach the destination.   Moreover, the Webb family did not have the ability to mobilize resources across the country or even across the globe simultaneously. It was believed that The Big Eight would not have had a helicopter awaited for them. The most that Webb family could do was to prepare a sports utility vehicle to bring them all the way to the foot of the mountain. According to Albert Rhodes, the journey from Mount Golmin to Weaver family’s residence in that village would take more than two hours, given that it was not snowing. If it was snowing and the road condition wasn’t ideal, it would take them around three hours to arrive. But with the helicopter, the jou

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