Chapter 1141

At this moment, at the villa at Thompson First, it was late at night and Charlie and his wife were sleeping in their bed with their own respective quilts. At this time, Charlie’s cell phone suddenly buzzed twice. As Charlie was afraid that the sound from his cell phone would wake his sleeping wife, he hurriedly picked up his cell phone and found out that he had received two WeChat messages. It was already twelve in the middle of the night. Charlie did not know who would send him a WeChat message at this time but he guessed that it must be something important if the person texted him at this time. So, he immediately unlocked his cell phone and found out that the messages were sent to him by Albert. “Master Wade, something has happened at Mount Golmin. Liam and I are outside your front door now. I’m wondering if it would be convenient for you to come out for a moment?” Charlie frowned. Something had happened at Mount Golmin. Then, this could only mean that the Webb family was targ

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