Chapter 1131

When Donald saw this video, he was extremely pissed off and furious. He really did not expect that someone would have taken a video of the Wilson family’s fight in the hospital. What was even more unexpected was that this video would be exposed directly after he announced his investment in Wilson Group. This showed that someone was deliberately finding fault with him! They were waiting for him to publicly announce his investment in Wilson Group before they gave him a slap in his face! The most hateful thing was TikTok! It seemed as though this online video platform really had beef with him! Last time, the standup comedy between Cain and Marcus had spread like wildfire because of this platform! Even when he tried to use public relations to deal with that matter, it was of no use at all as the Wade family in Eastcliff had directly bought over the online video platform. Besides that, the process of his d*mn brother-in-law, Nelson, and his entire Beggar Clan getting wiped out was

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