Chapter 1129

That night, the video of the Wilson family started spreading rapidly throughout the entire Aurous Hill. This video was quickly uploaded on TikTok. However, Charlie had instructed TikTok to block the video. He did not want the video to exude too much influence, and he especially did not want this video to spread out of Aurous Hill. The reason behind this was because he knew that Donald would definitely be investing a sum of money in the Wilson family to support Wilson Group. If the Wilson family were to become notorious in the country, then this would very likely affect Donald’s decision. Charlie did not want the Wilson family to cool off just like that. It would be best if he broke out the scandal involving the Wilson family after Donald invested in the Wilson family. This way, he wouldn’t only be the Wilson family but also Donald that he would also be giving a slap in the face. All the Wilson family members were in pain for the entire night. Moreover, since they had been infused

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