Chapter 1121

Hannah was instantly infuriated when even her own husband urged her to jump off the building! She pointed at him furiously and shouted, “Hey, Christopher, b*stard, don’t you forget who has been standing behind you all this while, supporting you, assisting you, and taking care of you! Just because I betrayed you in order to survive, you want me to die! Are you still human?” Christopher ground his teeth in great dismay. “Argh, enough with your bullsh*t! You should be thankful that we are not in the medieval era, otherwise, I would kill you myself right this instant! You cheated on me, you shameless sl*t!” Lady Wilson was heartbroken to see the agonizing grimace on her son’s face, and she slammed her crutches toward Hannah as she cursed, “Christopher has never been so angry all his life, look at what you’ve done, you b*tch!” Hannah yelped in pain when she was hit by the crutches. She glared at the old woman and sneered, “Hey, smelly old dog, if it weren’t for me getting the Webb family

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