Chapter 1095

When she thought about the fact that she had probably contracted some disease, Hannah felt the itching sensation getting even stronger. She panicked as she thought to herself: What if she was really sick? She had already reunited with her husband now. It would be difficult for her to hide it from him if she was really sick. What would happen if he found out about it? What was even more frightening was the fact that both of them had already engaged in sexual intimacy when they were spending the night at the Webb family villa yesterday. At that time, her husband, Christopher, did not prepare any precautionary measures at all. What would she do if she had also infected him? This way, wouldn’t he find out that she had accompanied someone else when she was at the coal mine? As soon as she thought about this, Hannah decided to go to the hospital for a checkup early in the morning the next day. She would be lucky if she was not sick. If she was sick, she would have to quickly find a way

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