Chapter 1093

Donald knew that the Wilson family were living in poverty, but he did not know that the Wilson family was so despicable. He was kind enough to provide them with a place to live just so they could be a thorn in Charlie’s side. However, he never expected that the first thing they would do as soon as they moved in was to sell the household appliances in the villa. He snorted angrily, “This family is truly a bunch of smelly dog sh*t! They are worthless, incompetent, and can never get anything done!” The assistant also felt that these people were too lowly for doing these things. Therefore, he asked, “Mr. Webb, do you want me to chase them out of the villa now? If you do not chase them out now, the villa will be destroyed and emptied by them soon!” Donald sighed. He really looked down on this family, but they had already moved into the villa next to Charlie’s house. If he drove them away now, wouldn’t he be showing weakness to Charlie?” Hence, he waved his hand and said, “There is no

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