Chapter 1082

Donald did not care much about the villa in the first place. It would certainly not be possible for him to give the villa to the Wilson family. After all, he was not a fool. However, simply allowing them to live for ten years in the villa was not a big problem for him. Thus, Donald replied indifferently, “Alright, then. Ten years it is. However, you have to concentrate and focus on getting things done for me. I will definitely reward you if we can deal with Charlie as soon as possible.” Lady Wilson hurriedly pulled her family members as they bowed in front of Donald. She was excited beyond words. The other members of the Wilson family were also very excited. The Wilson family had already made a comeback. The Wilson Group was not only saved, but they would also be able to live in a villa at Thompson First. This situation was much better compared to the peak of their lives at their best. Moreover, Donald had also promised to support the Wilson Group. The Wilson Group would probably

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