Chapter 1067

Hannah was so scared that she tried to roll away from Linda’s reach, for fear that the iron hook would really hit her face. That thing looked so scary, it might gauge her eyes off! However, as Hannah’s leg was injured, she couldn’t avoid the ferocious Linda’s attack continuously. If she went constantly berserk, sooner or later, she would die under her aggression! Hannah tried to stand up and escape, but her injured calf forced her to fall to the floor again. Linda was already behind her, waving the scary iron hook towards her. Hannah could not avoid her anymore. She closed her eyes in despair, thinking that today was the day she would die. Right at this crucial moment, several Toyota Land Cruiser Prados drove into the coal mine and stopped right in front of them. The dazzling headlamp shone directly on Linda’s face. A bunch of men jumped out of the car, before one of them pointed a gun at Linda and shouted, “What the f*ck are you doing? Put down the hook!” Linda was taken aback

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