Chapter 1064

However, Donald didn’t have time to console Alice at the moment. Instead of feeling sorry for her, as she was on the verge of collapsing in despair, he hated her very much. If it weren’t for her and her good-for-nothing brother, the Webb family would not have suffered such a massive credibility crisis! He didn’t give a d*mn about Nelson’s death, but the video he made right before he died dragged the entire Webb family down with him! It was very likely that the family would lose more than half their assets. If so, they would no longer be the top family in the South Region. Moreover, it was worse to be associated with human trafficking. It was certain that the people of the country would not forget this for a while. Thus, the Webb family would become the target of malicious attacks for a very long time. The consequences of these would result in a devastating and far-reaching effect on the family’s business empire. Perhaps the family’s assets would continue to shrink in the future. I

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