Chapter 1059

Laying on the ground weakly, Joey stared at the taxi driver who walked towards him with his fearsome look. His arrogant expression when he threatened the driver had long diminished. He grimaced in despair and pleaded, “Boss, I just went bankrupt, I am penniless and I have a lot of debts! And I was beaten up too! Please, I really have no money to pay you, please let me go!” The driver growled furiously, “Do you think you’re the only one with a debt?! Do you think I would still drive a taxi if I were rich? Do you think that forty-five dollars is easy money? It can fill my stomach for two days, for f*ck’s sake! Hurry up and pay me!” Joey wailed in desperation, “Boss, I really have no money nor any valuables on me. Please have mercy and let me go!” “Argh, drop the act! I’ll call the police if you don’t pay up!” Joey struggled to get on his knees and cried, “Boss, I really don’t have any money even if you want to kill me right now! Please, I beg you, please let me go! Is it not enough

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