Chapter 1057

Finally, the whole deception unfolded in front of Joey’s eyes. As it turned out, not only was Max not as wealthy and successful as he had claimed he was but had also gotten into massive trouble. He had crashed Jayden’s Phaeton and urgently needed to compensate Jayden with a new car, so he had tricked him into investing six hundred thousand to the so-called get-rich-quick scheme that he constantly boasted about. The worst part now was that the b*stard was dead, which also meant that he wouldn’t see any of his money ever again. At this moment, his heart hurt so much. It hurt more than the physical pain he suffered. Jayden was a little relieved as Joey was not as insane as he had been earlier, and said, “So, now you know this car is mine and I can drive it without any issues, okay?” Although Jayden found Joey disdain, he knew it would be wiser for him to keep his distance away from him after seeing his crazy state. He’d seen a lot of people in the underworld after so many years, so

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