Chapter 1042

Some companies with a market value of more than ten billion dollars could drop until it was only left with a market value of a few hundred million dollars. This meant that their assets would have shrunk by more than ninety percent! Some companies could even fall into bankruptcy because of a small problem with their manufactured products. However, what was this compared to the charges faced by the Webb family now? This time, the Webb family might have to be the scapegoat for Nelson’s beggar syndicate. All the unconscientious things that he had done would eventually be pinned on the Webb family! Donald was extremely nervous at this time. This was because he knew very well in his heart that the Webb family was facing a huge crisis and disaster this time! So, he immediately told his assistant, “Issue a statement immediately under the name of the group. State that even though Nelson was indeed my brother-in-law, the Webb family had no knowledge of what Nelson was doing or what he was in

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