Chapter 103

When everyone saw the arrogant expression on Mr. Quinton’s face, the surrounding crowd held their breaths because they were certain that Charlie would lose in this confrontation. However, Charlie had a calm expression on his face, and he smiled as he replied, “I think that this is not your first time participating in an antique trade. Do you have any idea what is the most important thing in the antique trade industry?” Mr. Quinton looked at Charlie with a cold expression on his face as he replied, “What?” Charlie laughed before answering, “Of course it is the rule governing antique trading!” After that, Charlie raised his voice slightly before he continued speaking. “In antique trades, it is always a first come first served basis. I came first, and I was the first person to buy this pebble. Therefore, this pebble belongs to me already. Even if you kneel before me and beg me to give it up to you, I will not give it to you, otherwise, I will be allowing you to break the rules today.

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