Chapter 1032

Nelson scolded angrily, “You’re willing to abort my child just because you want to survive and keep your own life? Now, you’re even thinking of using our daughter as your shield? Do you really think that I’d be fooled by you? You b*tch! Why didn’t I notice that you are the sort of person who fears death and only thinks about your own life? You’re even willing to abandon and betray your husband at a critical moment like this!” Kelly really did not expect her husband to scold her so badly at this moment. It was true that she really wanted to continue living and surviving in this world. However, what she said was not entirely unreasonable. In this case, no matter whether she chose to die or live, it was impossible for her to keep the child in her stomach anyway. If this was the case, then wouldn’t it be better for one of them to live instead of the both of them to die immediately? Therefore, she asked Nelson, “We’re both husband and wife after all. When you were pleading for my life ea

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