Chapter 1030

Charlie replied coldly, “Throw him into the river!” The helicopter flew towards the surface of the river beside the bridge immediately. After that, the helicopter suddenly disconnected the cable and the Mercedes-Benz crashed into the river at a very fast speed. Since the Mercedes-Benz was originally bulletproof, the body of the car was very heavy. Moreover, after the steel bars and steel plates were welded on the car, this made the car even heavier at this point. Therefore, the moment it plunged into the river at an incredibly high speed, it immediately formed a spectacular splash of water! The splashing water even formed a small scale rainbow under the sunlight! Immediately afterwards, the Mercedes-Benz disappeared without any delay as it sank directly to the bottom of the river. Everyone present knew that the fat man was bound to drown to death. After all, the car has already been completely welded. Therefore, it was impossible for him to escape even if he was a deity or an i

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