Chapter 1026

He hurriedly said, “What are you going to do? My daughter is innocent! Don’t get her involved in this!” The man in black sneered before he said: “How many babies and children have been kidnapped and abducted by your beggar syndicate? Aren’t they innocent too? So, do you mean to say that Nelson Bishop’s daughter is a human but other people’s children are not humans at all?” Nelson was shocked! Before Nelson or his wife could regain their senses, they were forcibly taken into the helicopter by the men dressed in black. After that, their daughter was also brought into the helicopter with them. One of the men in black took out a syringe before he injected Nelson’s daughter with a tranquilizer. This shot of tranquilizer would be able to put Nelson’s daughter in deep sleep for at least another ten hours. After that, the helicopter ascended quickly as they flew towards the bridge where Charlie currently was. *** At this moment, on the bridge, Gibson’s family of six were all in shock.

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