Chapter 101

As soon as he heard the voice, Charlie turned around to look for its source. He saw a young man wearing a white linen suit and a pair of black cloth shoes walking toward the stall. There were all sorts of bracelets on his hand, and as it was broad daylight and sunny, he was wearing an antique pair of gold-rimmed glasses with two round black lenses. The young man’s glasses looked like the type of glasses young children would wear during the Qing Dynasty in China. About four to five bodyguards were walking behind the young man, and compared to the young master, the bodyguards looked more fierce and evil, driving everyone around to move away quickly in order to avoid causing any trouble at the scene. “Oh, it’s Mr. Quinton!” The owner of the stall widened his eyes and started smiling as soon as he saw the young man. After that, flattering words came out of his mouth as though he was a tap with running water flowing from it. “Mr. Quinton, why didn’t you tell me in advance that you were

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