Chapter 1009

Isaac knew that Charlie must be angry about something when he heard his tone. He said without hesitation, “Okay, Mr. Wade, I’ll get it done right now!” Then, Isaac quickly asked, “Oh yes, Mr. Wade, I’ll pick you up by helicopter right now. Do I go directly to Aurous Welfare Institute?” Charlie didn’t want anyone to know about his capabilities, so he asked, “Is there any place suitable for helicopter landing near the orphanage?” Isaac was silent for a while before saying, “Yes, there is a building nearby called Golden Line Tower with a helicopter landing pad on the roof. You can go there now, I’ll set off now and will be there soon!” “Okay!” Charlie said, “Hurry!” “I’m on it, Mr. Wade!” After ending the call, Charlie turned to the ladies and said, “Mrs. Lewis, Steph, my friend may have some clues. I need to go to meet him now. Please wait patiently for my news and don’t worry.” Stephanie quickly said, “Charlie, let me go with you, please!” Charlie said, “Steph, you’d better stay

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