Chapter 1006

Jacob exclaimed restlessly, “Two years is too long! That shrew still doesn’t know that Matilda is back and I can’t hide it for long. What I was thinking is to divorce her first before she knows about Matilda.” Then, he sighed and said in a somewhat depressing tone, “You also heard what the shrew said yesterday. She threatened that she wouldn’t let me off the hook so easily if I have another woman. I’m afraid that she’ll go after Matilda if she learns about her! Matilda is so gentle, dignified, and has such a mild temperament, she won’t be able to withstand the shrew’s attack.” Charlie said, “Dad, I really want to help you with this, but I’m sorry, my hands are tied. You’ll have to figure this out yourself.” Frankly, Charlie wanted to just wipe Elaine clean off the grid. He already had this idea when that woman stole his card, but he couldn’t bear seeing Claire so upset. Otherwise, Elaine would not live another day in this world! If he didn’t release Elaine, Jacob would have the mos

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