Chapter 1001

When Charlie saw Claire heading to the bathroom in the master bedroom to shower, he quickly went to the guest bathroom on the same floor to take a shower. This was the benefit of living in a villa. There were so many bathrooms in the villa and they did not need to queue. Charlie took a bath quicker. When Claire came out of the bathroom, Charlie had already taken a shower and he was already lying on bed waiting for Claire. When Claire saw Charlie wearing a singlet and shorts as he laid on the bed, she was startled for a moment. After that, she blurted out, “Why are you sleeping on the bed?” Charlie smiled before he said, “Wife, didn’t you say that you’d allow me to be promoted some time ago? When Mom was missing because she was cheated by the MLM organization, my promotion was delayed for a while. Now that she’s back, you cannot stop me from getting my promotion, right?” “I…” Claire suddenly felt very embarrassed. She did not know how to answer Charlie’s question. She was the one

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