Maya's pov I suddenly started feeling like I swallowed an elephant because damn, it was barely ten hours ago I finished my wedding and I didn't half of how heavy I suddenly felt. My weight doubled five times over. Dang! Asher had been busy with calls—answering to people that were still congratulating us and returning the calls to those he missed. I love being married to him. Even though one might think that has not changed after saying ' I do' and since I've practically lived as his wife for over a year now. But trust me, saying those two syllables 'I & do' would very much measure up to the best words I've said in all of my life. It feels so good to call him my husband and hear him call me his wife without having to cringe. Most of all, I am super happy because I finally got to carry his last name and just as you all already know, I'm growing his baby inside of me. "Goddammit" I muttered to myself for the umpteenth time this evening after our wedding. "Uhhh" I groaned in frustratio

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