Alpha Asher's pov Maya didn't look as happy as I expected her to be. Right from the first day she stepped foot into our pack as a rogue, her only greatest desire that she had made known to us repeatedly; even until It became her walking siren, like a reminder to us all and most especially to me, was the fact that she hated being my mate and wanted to "explore the world while belonging to no one" as she put it, living the way she wants. I thought taking Daniel's idea would help build a relationship with Maya, no matter how long it takes but she had this wall so strong around her and I feared not even I could bring it down or gain her trust. So I decided to do what I believed was right, I believed it was best to let her go and let her live her life to the fullest, she insisted she wanted it instead of letting me keep her in my pack. If I forced her, it would make it seem like I was caging her since she didn't want to stay... The other best option was to let her go. Funny thing was that

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