Melissa's POV 'Maybe that was why Reynold could not get a chance with his own mate, what a douchebag." I laughed. 'Well, we are douchebags too, my beautiful annoying sister." Jason, my brother said coldly and I rolled my eyes at him. 'Well, we do not pretend that we are not douchebags, at least. That is our strong point. Him, on the other hand, likes to think he is better, and that he is a saint, ha ha. Imagine that." I clicked my tongue and drank all of the liquid in my shot's glass, bottoms up. Killian who had been quiet all this while shook his head. 'You guys should be careful." Killian said and I sighed inwardly. 'I do not think that Aloha Rock would like to see his children wasted after only a few hours." 'You are saying that like he would actually see us." Jason said, a trace of sadness could be detected in his tone. Then he said in a much chipper voice. 'Well! Not that we care anyway." Jason turned to me. 'More shots, sister?" He grinned, his smiling face and eyes was ob

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