Jason's POV I lay on the shards of glass in disbelief. That little brat had pushed me down and made her escape. I wanted to burst into a scream, calling the guards to alert them but the shame overpowered me and I stayed silent. What would they think of me! What would father say! Melissa wouldn't let me hear the end of this story! All these thoughts ran through my head. It made me angrier. Angrier that I couldn't do what I wanted how I wanted and all because my wolf need more training cause it was born weak! I just lay in the shards thinking of how my whole life would be better if I wasn't weak and how perfect it would have been. The thought turned to anger. Anger towards myself; for being born weak. Anger towards Melissa; for being so strong and the perfect child and a threat to my position as alpha. Anger towards Maya for doing this to me! The angrier I got, the more I needed to crush something and get all the pain out. So I clawed at the shards beside me and rolling my hands into fists, crushing the shards to tiny pieces, drawing blood from my palms. It didn't hurt like it was supposed to. It just felt right and gave the satisfaction I needed. The anger slowly dissipated and I began to wonder where Melissa was. She would normally have barged into the room, brooding or screaming cause father would let out his anger on her. She hadn't come yet. I looked at my wall clock and it had been an hour since she had called me. ' I'll just give her five more minutes." I said to myself. Still siting on the shards. Melissa pulled my door off its hinges as she walked in, stopping just a few paces from the doorway with a pissed glare on her face. She had obviously been cautioned by father and now, it was time for us to argue. ' Did you or did you not understand when I said father requests your presence in the training room ? and that you could tend to your little omega later! I've been screamed at and threatened to be killed! Why do you do theses things to me Jason?" Melissa said with her death glare. She had the most beautiful looks in our pack but her eyes were full of death and rage. She was simply a psychopath. Melissa stood in the door way, glaring around the room, obviously looking for me when her death glare turned to a confused stare. 'Where is the bitch?" Melissa asked, referring to Maya. ' And why are you on the floor?" 'Maya isn't in the room. She made for the borders, if you send the guards to get her, they can catch up still." I pushed myself off the shards, while avoiding eye contact with Melissa. 'So you let the omega escape?" Melissa tilted her head at a disturbing angle as she glared at me. ' I didn't let her escape, she just managed to slip pass through me." I growled at Melissa as I pulled the shards of glass from my hands and clothes. ' I love you brother but this baffles even me. How in heaven's name did a little omega get past you! She's just an omega!" Melissa raised her tone from her usual proud low tone. ' I don't know Mel! She took me by surprise! So please, if you're done, get the guards and let them go after her!" I barked at Melissa but she didn't flinch. She just rolled her eyes and gave me her signature death look and returned to her deadly low tone. ' I love you Jason and I would do anything for you but, this is your mess. You fix it." Melissa smiled at me. She was enjoying this. 'Get out of my room Melissa." I growled , my head bent, trying to control my anger and not start a fight. ' You're gonna have to speak louder than that dear brother. I can't hear you if you're busy sulking with your head bent. ' Melissa said a chirpy, nice voice like a princess fairy. 'Get out! Melissa!" I barked even louder. The smile on Melissa's face vanished and she had her death glare on. 'Father still demands your presence in the training room." Melissa said before she turned on her heels and walked away. Leaving me to my silence and frustration. ' I would kill Maya, even if its the last thing I do." I said under my breath and headed to the training room. Melissa's POV Jason was angry, I could tell by the way he bent his head and folded his fists till he drew more blood from his hands. I wasn't in the mood for a fight and father was awaiting my return with productive answers. I walked out of Jason's room to avoid another fight but I waited in the halls. If I didn't return with Jason, I would be returned to the moon goddess. Jason seemed to be taking his sweet, sweet time. 'Any time this century would be good brother." I said in the halls. Jason looked up at me and his eyes were angry. I raised a brow, asking if he wanted to go here and now. Jason just looked away and made to the training room. Jason walked past me and I could feel the anger sway past as he walked past. He was literally emitting anger. I followed behind him with my proud look that everyone seemed to notice. We got to the doors of the training room and Jason took a deep breath and exhaled. He shook his hands and stood in front of the doors, still getting ready to open them. 'Any time you're ready." My sarcasm dripped from my voice. 'Shut up Mel." Jason said calmly. 'Father is the one at the other side of this door, he's not your mate so no need to look perfect. Plus he ‘s really pissed so just get on with it." I pushed the doors open from behind Jason and walked in. 'That took you a while Melissa." Father's deep voice boomed through the room. 'I'm sorry father. I'll do better next time." I gave father a low bow and stood by his side while Jason stood in front of father. 'Hello father." Jason had his two hands at his back and acted like he wasn't the guilty one here. 'Melissa was sent to get you twice. Did you not get her message the first time?" Father asked, his voice slightly louder as his veins popped. Father was mad. ' I did get the message the first time father. Something happened and I couldn't come on time . I'm sorry." Ja son looked calm and collected as he stood there but we both knew that he was begging the moon goddess for this to go well. ' Some whatever is more important than your training?" More veins bulged on father's arm. He was getting angrier. 'Do you know why we have your training sessions Jason?" Father asked Jason in a calmer tone. 'Yes father." 'And you decided to deal with whatever you were dealing with at the expense of your training. Why?" father's voice rose and the walls of the training room shook. 'Alpha! Control yourself!"Jason's trainer held father's shoulder and spoke with a firm voice and father's wolf eyes disappeared and his human eyes were back. ' What was this so called emergency you needed to attend to that demanded that you keep your training on hold for an hour plus?" Father looked down at Jason with a disgusted look. ' One of the omega's escaped and I wanted the guards to get her before she slipped past the borders?'' Father looked at Jason's fist, noticing the blood there. 'And was the omega captured?" Father asked with obvious disinterest in what Jason had to say. 'I didn't. She should be gone past the borders by this time." Jason kept his head down as he tried to explain himself to father. 'So in the end, you didn't get the omega back and practically delayed me and your training for no tangible reason." Father was using his low tone. He was getting ready tom pounce and Jason kept his distance. The trainer looked at father and noticed his anger. ' I don't mind the child trying to sort out his issues. Even though he failed, it's part of his training." Jason's trainer said. He was the same person that trained father and all our warriors. The only difference is that he didn't need to train them to grow their wolves or strength. He just needed to teach them how to grow the power that was already bestowed in them by the moon goddess. Father looked from Jason to the trainer. He knew it was no use trying to take his anger out on Jason. That would only make matters worse. ' If you insist Tyler. But we need to make sure that that omega is found and brought back. Which omega was that Jason?" 'It was Maya." Father's glare seemed to glare more, if that was possible. 'Training is on hold for today. Let the guards search the boundary and make sure that the omega is found. If she hasn't reached the borders." Father instructed. 'If that's what you want done alpha then there's no problem with that. I'll get some guards to search the borders." Tyler said as he took his weapon and put it back into it's case. His weapon was a three feet long blade that had no particular shape. It just wasn't normal. It looked sharp enough to split through stone and even bone. Tyler took his sword and walked out the training room. 'We're going to be waiting in the throne room for the report." Father said and lead the way to the throne room. I always loved the throne room. It reminded me of all the power and authority I had in the land as the alpha's daughter. I loved the power. It gave me something to lord over these annoying omegas. They might have just been play toys but they were my subjects none the least. It was necessary to lord my authority over my subjects. No matter what other people thought. We all sat in the throne room in silence for almost an hour before one of the guards walked in. I was more than relived to see him. I was getting tired of waiting and the silence was deadly and weird. 'We have a report from the search party sir."

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