Maya's POV Everything that I had just found out about— that I had just learnt seemed to drip into my head in tiny droplets of liquidated information. What was all that alpha Jamil was telling me? Why would anyone— why would alpha Rick do all of that to innocent people? All because of greed? Because he was power hungry? Was that really a good excuse for him to use to justify himself? Alpha Rick had been the one who had destroyed the pack that was populated by white wolves. He was also the person that killed alpha Jamil in a selfish bid to take over the blood moon pack. Alpha Rick was the main— in fact, he was the only reason that her life was a miserable shitty part of the existence of life and nature. I could not do any other thing than to think and think and think all over again. I could not find a word to describe my current situation and state of mind, but to say that I was majorly shocked was an understatement. A very big one. Why would Alpha Rick do that? Why did he destro

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