Maya's POV I paced around the corridor, matching up and down like a soldier general trying to round up his mates to prepare for a tough battle. And indeed, this was a very tough battle for me. I continued to pace, hoping that all the unnecessary movements would take away the tension from my body and hopefully, maybe even calm my nerves. So far, so not good. The pacing did not seem to work and so I decided to stop, leaning against the wall, using my forehead for support. Why did they have to do this to me? I could just leave, right? Not like I was an official pack member, but I was only the alpha's mate. Surely, that also meant that I had the freedom to move how I pleased and go wherever I wanted to, right? I did not have to do what I was asked to do, and I could easily walk away from it all, could I not? Walk up to Asher and say, ‘Hey Ash! I really do not want to do what you and your members are advising me to, so I have made the decision to be out. And none of you can stop me!

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