Maya's POV I am woken up by the feel of metal pressing into my skin. This time, I was well aware of where I was and what I had been through. As I opened my eyes, I practically got blinded by the sunlight beams shining directly on the cage. I was also made aware of the fact that my metal cage had been heated up already and the top felt hot to the touch, so I had to lie down in a strange sitting - ish position. I was really tired of staying in this small metal prison, and I was also tired of complaining about it too. In total honesty, all I actually wanted was a good long sleep and some water— preferably chilled. That would feel like heaven. And maybe, just maybe some meat too. Suddenly, the sound of the door of the metal cage I was placed in opening broke me out of my reverie. I looked up to see someone trying to position himself in front of my cage. My heart beat a little bit too fast as I thought that Jason and Melissa's father, the alpha of the Blood moon pack had sent for me ag

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