Chapter 94

Since the general manager had opened his mouth, Sally had no choice but to agree, "okay." Amelie took out her phone and said, "Manager Sally, let's add your WeChat account." "Okay." Sally glanced at her code. ** As soon as Sally left, she received a WeChat message from Amelie. She asked, "sister, are you angry?" Followed by a pitiful expression. Sally glanced at her and ignored her. Amelie didn't stop. Instead, she bombarded her with messages "I'm sorry, sister. I just want to spend more time with you. I don't mean to force you!" "If you are not happy, I will tell Mr Cox now that I don't need you to take me to Hamelin!" "Sorry, sorry, sorry!" "Sister, please forgive me!" The constant vibration of her phone made Sally more and more irritable. She opened the WeChat and replied, "I'm not angry." Amelie replied in a second, "really?" "You are the best!" "I like my sister the most!" There were also many cute facial masks. Without taking a look at the message, Sally typed d

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