Chapter 82

She put on an air of superiority, as if everything she did was charity to Sally. After the initial surprise was gone, Sally asked angrily, "who told you to use money to deal with those people?" The people from the Garcia family were all greedy vipers. Having tasted the sweetness of the one million, they not only wouldn't stop at the good point, but would try every means to get close to her. If she wanted to get rid of it again, she really couldn't. "I helped you solve the problem out of kindness, but you treat me like this?" Lola's anger rose again. "Sally, do you know how to be grateful?" "You are not helping me, but making trouble." Moreover, Lola did this for her own good. The Garcia family was trying to put the blame of Josh's death on Sally. What if they found some media? The worst person was not Sally, but Lola -- there was already a group of people who didn't like her. By that time, the sarcasm of those people would be enough for her to drink a pot of water. "You haven't

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