Chapter 75

Therefore, he could not understand the grief that Sally had caused by Josh’s death. Especially in his perception, "betrayal" is a very serious crime. Those who have betrayed him will end up worse than death. But he also had to admit that the reason why he was so angry just now was that "jealousy" played a big part in it. However, Sally knew none of these. But this did not prevent her from forgiving him easily. "I accept your apology." She thought: People are good and sure enough they still have goodness in their hearts. Facing his aggrieved face, she couldn't say a single word. What's more, he didn't have any bad intentions and even helped her fight injustices. ——It’s just a bit ugly. Sage carefully observed Sally's expression. Until he was sure that she had no reluctance at all, hanging heart was put back in place little by little. "Are you still sad now?", he asked. Sally didn't know how to answer his question, so she held her lips in silence

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