Chapter 73

Sally resignedly sat down on the bed, "Then I can help you sit up." Sage's eyes lit up, "Okay." One of her hands passed through the back of his neck, wrapped around his neck and carefully raised his upper body to an angle of about 30 degrees with the bed surface. Sage drank the water she fed one at a time, and the tasteless tip of his tongue actually tasted a little bit of sweetness. After letting him lie down again, Sally asked, "Are you going to sleep?" Sage was very tired, and his eyelids were so heavy that it would be difficult to open them again as long as they were attached. But he didn’t want to waste the time they have together in harmony—especially now that he’s a ‘patient” and could ask her to do anything he wants. He also likes how she treats him. ——It's like, a long time ago. "I don't want to sleep anymore." He said, "You can talk to me for a while." His request exceeded Sally's expectations. She was a little flustered, "What should we talk abo

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