Chapter 20

  Sally knew that Josh would not give up.   But after that phone call, until she signed a contract with Xian and moved into his house, he and his family did not show up in front of her.   She didn't dare to take it lightly. Even if she was so close, she had to drive to and from get off work and try to avoid traveling alone.   Two days later, she was called into the general manager's office.   The general manager's expression was extremely solemn.   Sally recalled his two-day work-it seemed that there was no mistake.   The general manager asked her, "Do you know President Richard Mendez of the Medex?"   "The Medex?", Sally was startled. Her muscles froze and her nerves were all tense.   This name is known to the people of the whole country-the group company that made the fortune of real estate in the 1970s has grown in scale and gradually expanded to various fields, which can be regarded as the entire country’s economy. The pillars

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