Chapter 18

  Seeing the two of them, Sally's first reaction was to turn around and leave, but she quickly realized that her leg was still in Sage's hands.   She pushed his shoulders, and whispered, "It's all right."   Sage said nothing, let go of her leg and stood up.   In such a short period of two minutes, Josh and Mia have come close.   "Sally, why are you here?", Mia pretended to be intimate with her, but Sally only felt sick.   "It has nothing to do with you.", she finished coldly, stretched her right hand back, and took Sage's hand, "Let's go."   A soft touch came from the palm of his hand. After the initial shock faded, the corners of Sage's mouth quietly conjured up.   Sally didn't make it because Josh stopped them.   He stared at Sage fiercely, gritted his teeth and asked Sally, "Who is he?"   ——Like a husband who caught his wife cheating.   It seems...that is indeed the case.   Sally's answer is the same as bef

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