Chapter 16

  The two people in front of them, one is a mysterious senior at the Royal Court Hotel, and the other is a lawyer who specializes in divorce lawsuits.   Xian suddenly stood up straight, straightened the tie on his chest, and cleared his throat twice.   "Let me introduce you." He said solemnly, "This one--" He pointed to Sage, "Is the founder and current president of Globex Group, and I--" He pointed to himself again, "Yes His former partner, is also the second largest shareholder of Globex Group now."   If Sally had worn glasses, she must have fallen to the ground now.   "By the way, where have you been these past two days?", Xian quickly changed the subject, "I heard that you all went out early and returned late."   Perhaps it was a "revolutionary friendship" with Xian. Sally didn't treat him as a stranger anymore, and said frankly, "I'm looking for a house. I can't live in my previous house. It is convenient to live in the hotel lounge, but other as

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