Chapter 12

  Sally has never liked to talk about her personal affairs, but since Sage asked, she can only bite the bullet and answer, "Yeah."   Sage smiled unexpectedly.   "Very good." He lowered his eyes, and said indifferently, "With such unreasonable parents, it is not good to stay with your ex-husband."   Sage was right about this.   It's a pity that Sally was too stupid to see the essence through the phenomenon. After seeing the wonderful work of Josh's parents, he still held a glimmer of hope and thought that Josh was different from them.   It's too much that she was now hit hard.   However, she looked upset in Sage's eyes, so she became dissatisfied with what he said.   With a fire in his heart, he sternly called a waiter who happened to be passing by, and asked, "I have been sitting for so long, why does no one pours water? Is the service of the Imperial Court Hotel like this? I'm sorry that your restaurant charges every guest with high service charge."   The waiter flushed with his scolding, bowed and apologized to him, and filled him with water respectfully.   Sally was also very nervous, "I'm sorry, Mr. Wilson, I will report this to the restaurant manager, so that he will pay more attention when training waiters in the future."   Sage didn't accept her affection. He gave her a cold look and said, "You only need to take care of your housekeeping department. It is not your turn to intervene in the food and beverage department."   Sally closed her mouth immediately.   Seeing that the atmosphere became embarrassing, Xian came out to make a round of it, "It's all right. Let's hurry up and order, I'm so hungry."   The waiter handed over three menus at the right time while bowing.   Sage suddenly asked Sally, "I heard that this meal was a treat by Manager Sally, right?"   The corners of his lips were slightly bent, but Sally was inexplicably uneasy.   "Yes.", she moved her stiff neck and nodded twice.   "Okay." The corners of Sage's lips became deeper, so Sally's anxiety became heavier.   Sage did not disappoint her.   He ordered the most expensive set meal, plus a bottle of more than 5,000 red wine.   ——This may be a very ordinary meal for him, but it cost Sally nearly three months of her food allowance.   Sally's heart was dripping blood, but her face didn't show any signs of it.   Glancing at her dark face and the action of biting her lower lip, Sage only felt that her whole body was at ease, so his previously accumulated depression was swept away in an instant.   **   The wine was brought to the table and the waiter poured half a glass for everyone.   Xian asked Sally, "Do you drink manager Sally?"   "I do.", Sally replied.   At any rate, she is a department manager, so she is often toasted by people under her hands every time she has dinners, and therefore she drinks a lot of alcohol.   "That...", Xian raised the goblet in his hand and looked at her with a smile.   Sally hurriedly touched him, "After this... I will have to trouble you for a little bit more."   "That's natural.", Xian took a sip and suddenly laughed a little unpredictably. "Aside from property, if you want to make your ex-husband and his mistress's life difficult, I can personally provide you with a lot of effective and not illegal methods."   Shen Yue's eyes lit up, "For example?"   "For example...", Xian smiled slyly, and his gaze floated to Sage's side.   The expectation in Sally's heart was like an inflated balloon. Xian stabbed it with a needle on the way to the sky, and a "pop" burst.   "This..." She secretly glanced at Sage, who was hanging up on her side.   Sage said at this moment, "Why can't you look at me?"   He looked at her with a smile.   Sally quickly explained, "Of course not. You have everything. How dare I am to trouble you with such trivial things? What's more, you and I have only known each other for a few days..."   She didn't know which word in her words touched Sage's inverse scale.   "Yes.", Sage raised the corners of his mouth, but his eyes suddenly became cold. "How can you trouble me with such a trivial matter? But -" His words changed sharply, "You helped me yesterday after all. Even if I am very busy, I should also do something to repay you. Why don't you tell me? What do you want me to do?"   "No need.", Sally refused him without hesitation, "You also helped me a lot this morning. We are all cleared, and no one owes anyone."   Sage still looks like smiling, "You have to think carefully, after passing this village, there will be no more shop."   As soon as his voice fell, Sally said, "I have considered it clearly."   "All right.", Sage retracted his gaze on her and raised the wine glass in front of her.   He raised his head slightly, and the dark red liquid fell into his lips along the wall of the cup.   His Adam's apple rolled up and down.   Sally originally just glanced casually, but Sage's perfect profile and his invisibly lazy sexy make her unable to look away.   She looked a little dry and even swallowed a mouthful of water involuntarily.   Sage couldn't notice her gaffe, but Xian who was opposite saw it clearly.   "Do you think Mr. Wilson is good-looking?", he asked abruptly and surprised Sally, who was in awe.   "Huh?", she concealed her panic and looked at him calmly.   Xian asked again, so Sage also turned his head.   Sally could not perfuse, nodded and said, "He looks good."   ——This is not against her intentions.   Xian didn't let her go, "Then do you like Mr. Wilson like this?"   This question really stumped Sally.   She undoubtedly likes Sage's face, but...only his face is what she likes.   She smiled and gave an ambiguous answer, "Who doesn't like a man like Mr. Wilson?"   "What about you?" It was not Xian who asked this time, but Sage himself.

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