Mafia's Badass GirlMafia's Badass Girl
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Chapter 47 MAGICAL LOVE He broke the hug and cried more, seeing her bruised face. She's also crying profusely, looking at him. He gently caressed her face before leaning down and placing tender kisses on every inch of her face, with these kisses he wants to take away her all pain. She's getting immense relief with his every kiss. His touch is doing magic over her and taking away her all pain and sorrow. His eyes fell over Dan and he fumed in uncontrollable anger. "You bastard, I'm gonna kill you." He roared, pointing the gun at him. "I thought you care for me. You were like my father to me and you did this behind my back with my Sunshine. How could you? I'll kill you." "If you kill me, you will never get to know about Zia." Dan smirked at him. He's injured but still, he isn't leaving his evilness. He marched to him and grabbed his collars after bending down. "I'll find her. You don't need to be worried about thi

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