Mafia's Badass GirlMafia's Badass Girl
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Chapter 44 Feeling Of Helplessness

Chapter 44 Feeling Of Helplessness She hastily climbed down the bed and rushed to open the door, putting her all pain on the side. But before she could open the door, Dan stopped her by seizing her arm and palmed her mouth from behind. "Don't dare to tell Andrew anything or else you know what I can do." He murmured in her ear. She glared at him over her shoulder, killing him with her looks. "Sunshine, what happened to you? Please, tell me. I just can't bear your ignorance. At least tell me what I did wrong that you're angry with me. Chloe, open the door and tell me." He is banging the door, getting restless and crazy. He's feeling so lost without her. He isn't understanding what happened to her all of sudden. She clenched her fist and squeezed her eyes shut and cried profusely, feeling so helpless. She wants to tell him everything but she can't because first, she has to free her Aunt. "Sunshine, I love y

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