Mafia's Badass GirlMafia's Badass Girl
By: NovelRead

Chapter 41 Helplessness

Chapter 41 Helplessness At night, Chloe is waiting for Andrew, lying on the bed in sexy lingerie. He received his message. Andrew: I'm sorry, Sunshine, I'm stuck in some work. I'll be late, you please sleep. Good night. She pouted sadly after reading his message. "Busy Mafia." She muttered. Chloe: But I'm craving to sleep in your warm arms. Andrew: I'm really sorry. Tomorrow, Promise. Chloe: This is the first and last time, I'm leaving you. Andrew: If you do this again, then what you will do? He asked curious to know what she will do. Chloe: I'll punish you hard. Andrew: Oh really? Chloe: Yes, You don't know I'm very strict. Andrew: I'm scared of my strict girlfriend. She chuckled after reading his message. Andrew: Well, Can I know what type of punishment you will give to me? Chloe: I won't let you kiss me and touch me. I'll

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