Mafia's Badass GirlMafia's Badass Girl
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Chapter 18 Protecting My Badass Girl

Chapter 18 Protecting My Badass Girl "You know why Boss had kidnapped and tortured your Aunt?" Marie asked Chloe, she's arranging the dinner on the table for her. Chloe moved her eyes to her. "To show me that he's evil and I really hate him for doing this. How could he bring my Aunt in between us?" She answered her instantly in anger. "No, you're wrong." She narrowed her brows bemusedly and asked, "what do you mean?" "Boss did this because he wanted you to keep you away from himself because he thinks he's dangerous for you." Marie told her. "I don't care about the reason, the thing is that he tortured my Aunt without any fault of her. I'm not going to stay with him, I'll run from here." "Your Aunt was also involved in this plan. I saw them talking to each other." As Marie revealed the truth, she widened her eyes in utter shock. "What! It means he didn't torture my Aunt, it was

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