Mafia's Badass GirlMafia's Badass Girl
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Chapter 15 Missing Each other

Chapter 15 Missing Each other Chloe is sitting in the hospital room on the sofa. Her Aunt is still unconscious, lying on the bed. She's staring at Zia, her eyes are filled with guilt. She is devoured by remorse as because of her, her Aunt suffered. She couldn't believe that Andrew did this with Zia just to show her that he's evil. She's feeling like killing him. She is hurt and angry both at the same time. When he was saying to her that she would regret it, she wasn't believing it but she's really regretting it because her Aunt is in the hospital bed. After some time Zia regained her consciousness. Chloe is now sitting beside and looking at her with her eyes filled with remorse. "I'm sorry, Auntie that you have to face all this because of me." She apologised, genuinely guilty. "It's okay, Chloe, you didn't know that who is he. I'm glad that we both are fine." Zia said, placing her hand on her face. "Auntie, I'll take t

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