Mafia's Badass GirlMafia's Badass Girl
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Chapter 11 Caring Mafia Boss

Chapter 11 Caring Mafia Boss "What he thinks of himself. I know my presence is affecting him like his presence is affecting me. He's just not accepting it, but I'm Chloe Walker, I'll make him accept that he feels for me." She murmured to herself, she is sitting on the sofa. She picked up the phone to message Mike. Chloe: Mike, I'm so angry with your boss. Mike: What he did with you now? Chloe: He shouted at me like always. Why can't he be sweet like you a bit even? Mike: Because he's my boss. I'll talk to you later, boss's girlfriend. I have urgent work. Whenever he calls her boss's girlfriend, automatically a smile flashes on her face. Chloe: Okay, Mike. But could you tell me about Andrew's room? Mike: Boss's room is on the left side of your room. But only I and the old maid of the mansion have permission to enter his room. She read the message and said sassily, "I'll go

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