Love Over HateLove Over Hate
By: NovelRead

Chapter 3

  Harry had never concealed his thoughts, and Lea was not a fool even though she had clearly told him before that she already belonged to him.   But every time she sees him like this, Lea thinks of him, so she can only meet with him as little as possible.   Now that three years have passed, it is impossible to say that there is nothing has changed.   Harry looked at her evasive eyes, concealed the soreness in his heart which made it hard for him to smile.   "Anyway, I have to leave because I have something to do."   Seeing the man almost fleeing from the back, Lea's originally calm eyes flashed, but in the end, she didn't say anything.   Leaning on the sofa in the hall, Lea gently stroked her lower abdomen. Although it's daylight but couldn't see anything at all, she knew that there was a blood-connected life flowing in her body.   The slightly curled black hair floated on her chest as the bright light cast a soft light on her and unconsciously, the corners of the woman's lips burst out with a gentle smile.   In the past three years, Glen had never worn a condom when doing it, so she had to swallow countless contraceptives after or before.   She thought she wouldn't have any child all her life, but she didn't expect that an accident would happen.   On the way to the hospital, she felt uneasy, and she felt very complicated about the fact that she might have a child.   But until she knew that she was really pregnant, that uneasiness and fears suddenly disappeared and were replaced with joy and anticipation.   This is her child with Glen.   How would that man react if he knew?   Even if he doesn't love her, but this is his biological child. He should like it.   Thinking of this, Lea's smile became sweeter and sweeter.   After three years of marriage, she smiled so happy for the first time.   "Well."   The sudden nosebleed disturbed her thoughts. Lea clutched her nose, but a little blood leaked out between her fingers. She took out a tissue and wiped it and slightly raised her head. After a while, the nosebleed stopped.   The weather has been too dry recently.   She thought silently then went to the kitchen to pour a glass of warm water and drank it slowly.   When Glen returned to Forbury, it was already midnight.   There was still a light in the living room and a figure curled up on the sofa. Her hands are tightly hugging her belly and was wrapped with a blanket.   Seeing her soft look, Glen's cold eyes sank. He tore his tie and lifted the thin blanket on the woman's body.   Lea gradually woke up from her dream with a hint of coolness on her body.   The man's brave face appeared in front of her, and her sleepy eyes suddenly brightened.   "You're back."   The man didn't answer, only a sarcasm smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, but his big hands kept on touching her body.   Lea didn't know what he thought of, and quickly grabbed his hand, "Not today?"   The man who was rejected didn't care. In the past three years, except for the very beginning, Lea never liked this kind of bedside affairs.   The man's movements did not stop because of her refusal. Instead, he said, "You waited for me until now. Didn't you just want me to fuck you?"   If she heard such insults from him before, Lea would definitely have to struggle. But now, she dared not move too much for fear of hurting the child in her abdomen.   Seeing the man's hand getting lower and lower, Lea grasped the corner of the man's clothes tightly and shouted with her eyes closed.   "I am pregnant."   Sure enough, when the man heard these words, his body became stiff. His deep eyes stared at her closely as if thinking about the credibility of her words.   Seeing that the man stopped, Lea breathed a sigh of relief. Her cheeks flushed when she looked in his eyes as if he was full of expectation to repeat what she had said.   "Glen, I'm pregnant."   The man's face darkened. He stood up suddenly and looked at the woman with his dark eyes.   "Abort it."

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