Love Over HateLove Over Hate
By: NovelRead

Chapter 34

  With a bitterly silent smile, she slowly stretched out her hand and gently touched his face. Her hand remained at the corner of the man's mouth.   Glen, you said it was not ridiculous. I once hope I could get along with you one day. But now, I find...   Maybe that year, I shouldn't have met you or I should have met you but shouldn't fall in love with you. Then everything after that will not happen.   We have been entangled for so many years. No, I should say I have been entangled with you and then I let you go. But how did you become like this?   Glen, you don't know how much I hate you, but I hate myself even more. I hate myself.   What do you hate yourself for? Do you hate yourself for not being able to fall in love with him, or hate yourself for not protecting your children, or, until now, you still can't forget him?   Lea tried to stop thinking as her tears dripped down her face and on to the man's hand.   "Wake up, Glen. I don't n

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