Love Over HateLove Over Hate
By: NovelRead

Chapter 15

  For so many years, she has been like a moth. Despite of knowing that there is fire ahead, she would still fly forward regardless if it's safe or not, trying to change the splash of fire with her own power.   But she's still too naive, right?   "You once asked me why it was not me who died three years ago. Do you know why?"   "I was thankful that I didn't die because I was given a chance to marry you and fulfilled my long-cherished wish in my heart."   "But on the other hand, I also felt that why did I die? It would be better since during the three years of my life; I am neither a human nor a ghost. "   Having said this, she paused as her voice choked, but she quickly adjusted.   Glen unconsciously tightened his finger on the phone. He wanted to say it's not like what she thinks it is.   After a few days of separation, especially after that life and death incident, he finally realized what weight this woman occupies in his heart.

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